Introducing the Moutai Monster Halloween Cocktail!!

Introducing the Moutai Monster Halloween Cocktail!!

Head to Min Jiang Chinese Restaurant and try the frighteningly delicious Moutai Monster Halloween cocktail. Just in case you want to try these yourselves, we’ve broken down the Recipe and Method below.

Moutai Monster Halloween Cocktail


25ml Moutai
25ml Kahlua
One Vanilla Pod
Red food colouring
Double cream


Stir the Moutai and Kahlua over ice until chilled
Strain into a chilled Martini glass
Cut vanilla pod and scrape seeds into Double Cream
Shake cream with red food colouring until thick but not set
Layer over drink and garnish with vanilla pod


Moutai originates from the Guizhou province in Southwest China, and is a pure but strong alcohol served in small measures. Moutai is available in Min Jiang’s bar at £40 for a 50ml serving all year round.

Up to 200 single liquors can be used during the blending process to ensure consistent quality year after year.

Moutai is made to be drunk with good friends (or in business). The tasting of Moutai follows 3 steps;

  • Sip slowly sip the liquor and taste the flavours
  • Smack gently smack the mouth (make a smacking sound) and slowly swallow the liquor
  • Breathe breathe out to release the aromas of the liquor

Finally the fragrance left in the cup can be enjoyed by those not wishing to drink the

The Moutai Monster Halloween cocktail will be available for the 31 October and will cost £25 per person.

To make a booking, please email

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